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June Color Palettes

It's June!

This month's color palettes are perfect for decorating or designing with summer elements in mind. Crisp blues and greens, rich amber-salmon, the colors of a beach sunset - these palettes work well on their own, but you can also mix & match them together.

If you haven't yet had a chance to check out the McGharian Redecor Pinterest inspo design board for June, be sure to give it a peek! The Eclectic Pride theme is filled with beautiful pastel-tones of traditional Pride colors.

Happy creating with these palettes!

1. Amber Glass

Warm amber glass brings a rich complement to summer decor.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 64282F

# D67362

# BC5348

# A5403B

2. Soft Waves

Beautiful undertones of blues, greys, and green make this ocean palette perfect for pretty much any use.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 58727A

# 8B95A2

# ABB8B6

# 666C6E

3. Crisp Greens

Succulents are a calming addition to any room, and this color palette from them has the same effect.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 2A5054

# 91A387

# 90ABAD

# 3E5A53

4.Ocean Sunset

The sunsets of summer can be breathtaking, and this color palette captures some of those beautiful colors

Color HEX (left to right):

# 614A50

# B97C6D

# D6BBB7

# 948192

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