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January DIY: Organizer Upgrade (Quick & Easy!)

January's DIY project is quick, easy, and you most likely already have everything on hand!

Most of us re-evaluate our storage and organization needs around the new year, and this year I found myself eyeing my bare sink-side organizer. The glaring acrylic caught my eye every time I turned on the bathroom light and gave me an idea: put something pretty underneath it to spruce things up!

I love this little perk-up because it gives a fresh look to things, and you can change it throughout the year to match the seasons and nature's colors. I did this on my little vanity organizer, but it could also be done to pretty much any clear organizer unit!


TIME: About 5 minutes


MATERIALS NEEDED: Organizer unit of choice, paper/wrapping paper/shelf liner design of choice, tape, and something to cut the liner with


Clean the organizer unit first! If there's any sticker residue from the store labels, use some adhesive remover and give it a quick wash.


Choose your underside lining! I tested out a few different paper pieces before settling on a green-toned sheet to start. I think I'll move to a brighter orange/yellow toned design when it's closer to summer.


After you've chosen your paper/liner design, it's time to fit and cut it. Place the organizer unit on top of the paper and cut to fit - I used a retractable blade for easy precision, but of course scissors work also.


Apply! Use some tape to attach the liner to the organizer, ideally placing about 3/4 of the tape on the paper with the remaining 1/4 on the acrylic. (This just helps there be less tape visible when finished)


Turn it over and start using your fresh, jazzed up organizer!

I hope you enjoyed this month's DIY project! Be sure to check back for more DIY projects to try throughout the year. Happy creating!

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