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February Color Palettes

February's color palettes are dusty, cool, and calm. Complementary together, and suitable on their own.

If you haven't yet had a chance to check out my post on using color palettes, be sure to give it a quick read.

Happy creating with these palettes!

1. Mountain Mist

Minty-blues bring both a lifting and calming element.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 44585F

# 557C7F

# 6BA19C

# 8FBFB6

2. Bronzed Sand

Sand doesn't have to be a plain khaki color. These bronzed tones offer a neutral warmth that works with many other tones and colors.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 42342D

# 866353

# B89B88

# D8D0C0

3. Hillside Glow

Calming greens with a yellow-base seem to create a glow while maintaining their cool, muted tone.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 3B4331

# 647056


# A3B597

4. Dusky Sunset

Purpley-pinks get a sophisticated take, looking classy and clean.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 515D7F

# 6C89D3

# BCB9D9


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