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Color Palettes (3/26/2021)

One of my favorite pins to create and publish is color palettes! I recently took some time off from things to get a clearer direction for myself for 2021, and I decided one thing I wanted to add to these color palettes is a short blog post that mentions the inspo behind the palette, as well as the HEX color codes for easier use.

This week’s color palettes were inspired by spring, celebration, and fresh starts.

1. Tulips

A bold bouquet of spring flowers!

This color palette is excellent for designing, crafting, and or just enjoying.

Color HEX (in order):

1. # E56C9D

2. # 8C2780

3. # EBDB76

4. # 7F9B84

2. Pink Grass

A sweet, coral-pink ascending color palette.

Perfect for party/shower decor colors, home decor, and more.

Color HEX (in order):

1. # FF8C89

2. # ED9C9B

3. # FBD7CB

4. # F3CBCC

5. # FBE9EC

3. Donuts

Beautiful, frosted donuts - also make for a beautiful color palette!

This is a great palette to guide party decor, celebrations, even a bright room.

Color HEX (in order):

1. # 5175AA

2. # C88EB5

3. # 8EA5D2

4. # DCBFD7

5. # F5E8A5

4. Candy

A pastel jewel-toned palette that can be used together, or split apart - it’s harmonious both ways! A beautiful blend of blues, lavender, and mint.

Color HEX (in order):

1. # 76A0AE

2. # B2B5CE

3. # DDD4E5

4. # 96C5D5

5. # C1D6E6

6. # CAE0D4

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