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Color Palettes (9/3/21)

This week's color palettes are to accompany the new Redecor design game season for September, "Hi Tech Blast".

On Pinterest, be sure to check my seasonal board to find aesthetics, related design, colors, and more - all in theme to go with the season!

This month's palettes have a little different layout design to them, as well as more colors.

1. Texture Blast

Bold, daring textures give plentiful colors in all the patterns and crevices they hold. Texture Blast uses a white texture to create a monochromatic black-to-white grayscale palette.

Color HEX (in order):

# 565656

# 7F7F7F

# C0C0C0

# 202020

# E1E1E1

2. Futuristic Pastel

Combine your favorite pastel colors with the neon-glow of the future, and we get Futuristic Pastels! These colors can be deepened or lightened to create a true pastel or a dusty tone, and are contentedly bold in their current state.

Color HEX (in order):

# 1D0055

# 450492

# 0050B0



3. Plant Tech

Imagine yourself surrounded in a lush, cool jungle of 3D printed foliage. Plant Tech is a cool-toned palette with just a hint of green.

Great for design, decor, fashion.

Color HEX (in order):

# A4B1B1

# 879497

# 6B7375

# 383739

# D6D7DB

4. Modern Brick

The Modern Brick palette combines the endearing strength of brick with beautiful colors to visually soften its strength.

Color HEX (in order):

# 503B39

# D8CFC5


# C0A58F

# AEA1A8

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