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Color Palettes (8/6/21)

If you follow on Pinterest, you may have noticed something new this week in my boards: I’ve started a seasonal board to accompany the seasons of Redecor, the popular interior design game!

I started playing it last summer during Pandemic Summer Vol. 1, and it has brought me so much relaxation and inspiration.

On the seasonal boards you’ll find aesthetics, related design, colors, and more - all in theme to go with the season!

To kick off the new board launch, this week’s color palettes are inspired by the new season, called Boho Spirit.

1. Free Spirited

A classic boho color scheme, Free Spirited is a selection of beautiful earthy neutrals.

Color HEX (in order):

# A78C77

# 63564A


# 96A98C

2. Nurturing Naturals

A bronzed sand palette, the colors in Nurturing Naturals work beautifully for just about any design application - interior or exterior decor, fashion and makeup, illustrative and artistic design.

Color HEX (in order):

# 423D4F

# A96761

# E6C8D0


3. Calm Essentials

Calm Essentials is that picturesque spa setup, your calming book corner, a favorite soft blanket, a perfectly light scented candle.

Great for design, decor, fashion.

Color HEX (in order):

# AD997D

# D2D0CA

# 515F60

# 809996

4. Wildflower Soul

A palette that brings the earthy tones of wildflowers straight to you.

Wildflower Soul is classic, feminine, soft yet strong.

Color HEX (in order):

# C5A195

# 8C8385

# C09E5E

# 4B6158

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