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Color Palettes (7/9/21)

Summer, summer, summer!

This week’s color palettes are summer themed, and perfect for using throughout general decor and even parties or get-togethers.

One of my favorite times of day is dusk, and summer has some of the best dusk views in my opinion.

1. Belleza Trópica

Poolside colors, please. Let this color combo cool off your hot days.

Color HEX (in order):

# 6E7C64

# 8C8176

# 8AA3A6

# 208388

2. Watermelon Sugar

Sweet and bright, yet not overpowering.

This well-balanced color scheme is perfect for summer.

Color HEX (in order):

# 817A35

# F99389



3. Summer Hut

Contrasting blue and orange swirled with a creamy vanilla and accented with a soft blue - it’s like a color palette version of an ice cream sundae, summer flavored.

Color HEX (in order):

# 6FA2A7

# F9EDE7

# C65B34

# 019DBB

4. Dusk Sands

Dusk over sunset waters as an aesthetic.

This blend of colors brings it to life wherever you choose to use it.

Color HEX (in order):

# 626672

# BB8576

# 8D8887

# E6D3AE

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