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Color Palettes (6/18/21)

It’s June, and it’s Pride month!

As a queer designer, I wanted to do a color palette this month with a theme centered around some Pride colors.

These palettes are inspired by the purples in the Non-Binary flag, the pinks of the Lesbian flag, the soft pink/blues of the Transgender flag, and the bold pink/blues of the Bisexual flag.

Like many things, a lot of the celebrations normally held were cancelled or done differently last year, so it is exciting to celebrate this year, whether it’s in-person again or still distanced.

(If you haven’t before read about the history of why Pride is typically celebrated in June in the US, check out the Gay Pride Wiki page for a brief rundown - it also includes some information for a few other countries)

1. Uniquely Undefined

Purples and a bold yellow make a striking complementary contrast in this palette.

Color HEX (in order):

# 580F97

# 2C0A54

# FBE200


2. Think Pink

Pink shades bringing a strong, unapologetic, and beautiful monochromatic color scheme.

Color HEX (in order):

# BA4579

# D5589B

# E785A1

# B76B85

3. Born This Way

Double pairs of blues and pinks, this is a color palette that is sweet yet capable.

Color HEX (in order):

# 1E789B

# E45479

# 5DC6E1

# E48E9F

4. Not A Phase

A beautiful blend from deep-blue to magenta-pink, with a few stops along the way.

Color HEX (in order):

# 34407F

# 8D5FA8

# D31668

# CF33A1

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