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Color Palettes (5/7/21)

This week’s color palettes follow the lovely theme of #PlantMom.

There are some beautiful palettes in these happy plant setups (and no, they aren't all green!).

1. Shelves of Love

Shades of olive and burnt orange make a wonderful complementary combination of colors to use in a variety of applications.

Color HEX (in order):

# 8A825B

# 8F4F1E

# A5A6A0

# 484830

2. Quiet Reflection

Muted pigments of green create a harmonious blend of colors that is perfect for cultivating quiet moments.

Color HEX (in order):

# 868E80

# 998774

# 7D7351

# 828B6B

3. Full of Joy

Beautiful flower hues come together for a unique, colorfully modern palette. Especially perfect for spring and summer color themes.

Color HEX (in order):

# B2635C

# E4BE7F

# C5C4B5

# 9D5463

4. Door 11

Inspired by the simplistic beauty in colored stone and natural textures, this palette is a playful twist on cool, grey-tinted pastels.

Color HEX (in order):

# 79818A

# 91676D

# 8E8398


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