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August Color Palettes

Hello, Summer!

We are right in the middle of the summer, and the days are beautiful. This month's color palettes are perfect for decorating or designing with botanical themes in mind.

If you haven't yet had a chance to check out the McGharian Redecor Pinterest inspo design board for August, be sure to give it a peek! The Wellness Retreat theme is filled with beautiful gold accents and jewel tones, inspired by Southeast Asian decor. This was an exciting board for me to put together as I learned earlier this year that along with my Iranian roots, I also have some Indian.

Happy creating with these palettes!

1. Bronzed Foliage

Shades of brown come alive in this neutral palette.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 5D4732

# C3B596

# 3E3022

# 726553

2. Mystic Leaves

Beautiful purples and periwinkle are accented with an oceanic blue.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 56508C


# 3D2655

# 2B597E

3. Frosted Fall

Sooner than we know it, the mornings will greet us with frosted accents on fallen leaves. This palette is inspired by the calm, cool colors from these moments.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 667C75

# 485064

# 6F6575

# 9B958D

4.Sweet Melon

The combination of soft yet bright colors make a beautiful color palette.

Color HEX (left to right):

# B8C047

# DBB69D

# E9998D

# C0D288

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