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April Aesthetic Spread (Color Palettes & Mood Boards)

This month's color palette/mood board collection have a new style!

I was inspired by the crisp, clean elements I was able to work with - perfect for spring and fresh starts!

All these boards have plants and crystals in common, and natural/earth tones.

Happy creating with these boards!

1. Lavender Crystals

Combine the healing powers of lavender and crystals in this aesthetic spread.

Blends of purples and violets come together to bring a calming, peaceful color collection complemented with amethyst and azurite.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 4E286B

# 755B75

# 8187B2

# 9C8AA5



The Seasons

Intro Rust Bookbasel

2. Pretty Petals

Wildflowers and beautiful blooms is what this spread is all about.

Complete with a spring activity, beautiful fonts, and a spring-appropriate color palette.

Amethyst and rhodolite also lend a colorful addition.

Color HEX (left to right):

# CC8AA5

# BF98AF

# 7F8642

# B01D78




Abula Light

3. Textured Tones

Textures bring even simple things into the spotlight in this aesthetic spread.

Natural brown, beige, and gold tones are brought to life! Messy elements effortlessly become glamorous ones.

Color HEX (left to right):

# B67A4E

# F3AB97

# 340D03

# DFC76A


Brown Sugar

Della Respira

Muli Extra Light

4. In Nature

Find your calm.

Clean, fresh, restorative.

Natural elements are the inspiration behind these colors, fonts, and aesthetic.

Color HEX (left to right):

# 213806

# 6C4D38

# 707A5A

# 9B7870



Cup Cakes

Nixie One

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